Mile High Polymer Clay Guild

Denver, Colorado


Library and Equipment Rental


MHPCG Library Policy


Our library is for the use of all Mile High Polymer Clay Guild members. Our goal is to provide you the most inexpensive means to reference a wide range of polymer clay information.


We currently have 62 videos. This library can only function well for all of us if each of us is willing to take on the following responsibilities:


1. Help by returning materials in on time.

2. Pay your rental fees.

3. Make suggestions to improve the library procedures.

4. Recommend new materials for the library.

5. And most important - Continue to have fun!!!


A few things you need to know. Fees are per Checkout Period – One Checkout Period is between one scheduled Guild Meeting to the next.

Rental Fee:  $3.00



Tina Gugeler  -----

Stan Estoll  -----


MHPCG Library Policy revised September 22, 2007:


Before using the library, each member will give the treasurer an undated $50 check to be held for one fiscal year (June 30-July 1). At the beginning of the next fiscal year, the member's check will be returned and a new check will be written for the current fiscal year. If the member resigns before the end of the year, the check will be returned if everything is in order.


Two items may be checked out each month.  To avoid late fees, if you are unable to attend a meeting the items may be returned via snail mail by sending the item to:


Tina Gugeler

2420 Cessna Drive

Erie, CO 80516


Please email Tina you are using snail mail to return a library item. A $6.00 fee will be charged for each item not returned on the due date.


If the item has not been returned by the end of the second month, and if there has been no communication with the librarian as to extenuating circumstances, the undated check will be cashed & placed in the guild account in order for the item to be replaced. The librarian will have each member sign a card representing the item to be checked out and date of check-out. The librarian will communicate with the member about the late fee and/or the cashing of the undated check.


a. The member may replace the item within two months.

b. The member may lose the deposit and library privileges for that fiscal year. If the check fails to clear the bank, the member will lose library privileges.


Equipment Rental Items


Item                          Rental Fee     Deposit Fee

Polypress ------------ $10/month ----- Deposit $100

Buffer ----------------- $10/month ----- Deposit $200

Vibratory Tumbler -- $5/month ------ Deposit $50

Rotary Tumbler ----- $3/month ------ Deposit $40


Equipment Rental Policy


1. Please note that the deposit fees vary for each piece of equipment and reflect the replacement cost.


2. Deposit checks will be returned at the end of the rental month when the equipment is checked in with the Librarian.


3. All currently paid members are eligible to rent equipment.


4. Equipment must be returned by 10 a.m. at the next guild meeting.


5. If more than one person wants a piece of equipment, a sign-up sheet will be started.


6. A late fee will be double the rental price if the equipment is not returned by the following meeting.


7. Equipment is to be returned in the condition it was rented.


8. A ‘how to use’ notebook with instructions will be kept in the library and a copy will go out with the equipment. The notebook must be returned with the equipment.


9. The Librarian is in charge of all rentals.


Note: The PMC kiln will not be rented because it is fragile. However, it will be available for use at guild meetings and retreats by currently paid members.



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