Mile High Polymer Clay Guild

Denver, Colorado


The Rules of the Swap

If you sign up for a swap you must produce. Or you will not be allowed to participate in any future swaps with the guild. There are a few exceptions to this rule: Death in the family or illness.  However, if these occur, the individual still has to produce for the swap. They will be given an extra month to complete their items.

1.   In the case that someone is not able to attend the swap, and we receive their swap items at a later date, it is the responsibility of those who attended the original swap to pick up those items at the next guild meeting. If these items are not picked up the guild may claim them and use them at their discretion.

2.   A person who is not able to attend the swap, but has abided by the rules of the swap, can pick up their swap items no later than the next guild meeting. Otherwise, the last part of rule two will apply.

3.   If you cannot attend for the swap, you must have your items made for the swap sent or given to the swapmeister ahead of time. It is the swapmeister’s responsibility to provide an address/information to those in the swap to send their items if they may be unable to attend.

4.   Each person participating in the swap should also make 1 extra item for the Guild Collection. This is optional.

5.   Each person in the swap must include their information with the item they have created, this can be done by signing the piece they made or including a small card with it. Business card size to an index card size of information will work.


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