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Creating with Polymer Clay

About Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is a plastic modeling clay consisting primarily of polyvinylchloride, which remains moldable until cured. Most brands are cured with baking at low temperatures but there is at least one version that sets after prolonged exposure to air.

Now you may think "isn't that what kids use to make fun little figures of people and animals?" Yes, it has often been marketed that way. Fortunately, many adults are not afraid to let their curious inner child explore possibilities with new media. It was not long before artists and crafters discovered the many ways grown-ups could use polymer to express their creativity in several areas, including sculpture and jewelry-making.

What makes polymer clay so much fun?
• it can be mixed and shaped until cured, so if properly stored you can take time to work on your piece
• most clays bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit or less so can be cured in most home ovens, including toaster ovens, no kiln required.
• manufacturers offer a range of basic colors which can also be mixed in varying proportions to create hundreds of hues and tints of colors.
• there is little waste with polymer clay. Excess bits that remain after the main object is finished (and are not baked) can be reused later in a number of ways.
• it is relatively affordable compared to other media
• start-up costs are not high, as you can get started with a few basic tools. (Though like most artistic endeavors, there are many fun tools in which to invest if you become addicted!)

There is such a wealth of information available in books and on the internet that it makes much more sense to direct you to those resources than try to recreate it here.* Surf and enjoy! (And you are welcome to attend one of our meetings to see live action claying!) Click on the link above left to go to the page listing Retailers.

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